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网上买球软件 基金会 Honors Rising Stars, Names Inaugural North Star Award Recipient

The 网上买球软件 基金会’s Rising Star Program aims to encourage, salute and recognize the philanthropic efforts of individuals 18 years of age and younger whose gifts to the 网上买球软件 基金会 make a difference in our community.

In 2020, the 网上买球软件 基金会 announced a new society level for students involved in the Rising Star Program. The North Star Society recognizes extraordinary philanthropic support from a single candidate and is the highest honor the 网上买球软件 基金会 can bestow upon a Rising Star who raised more than $1,000 and/or completed 40 or more hours of volunteer service in support of the 网上买球软件 基金会 during an academic year.

The 网上买球软件 基金会 proudly honors its first North Star award recipient and a charter member of the North Star Society, Mr. Robert Martin for his extraordinary leadership in philanthropy and support of 网上买球软件.

Robert recently graduated with distinction from Northern High 学校, earning the President’s Award for Educational Excellence. He has been accepted to Virginia Tech and will be attending in the fall.

另外, 30 area students were recognized via certificates and pins for their efforts as Rising Stars: from the Huntingtown High 学校 Basketball Team Charles Contee, 加勒特Contee, 助教'Juan摇篮, Dom波动, Kedrick Frink, 杰登荷兰, 科林·雅各布森, 罗斯纽曼, Jaiden鲁芬,, 迈克·所罗门, 泰德西班牙, Eddie Williams and Dylan Zimmer; from Our Lady Star of the Sea 学校 Vincent Barbour, 塞巴斯蒂安Cardwell, 咏叹调Deligatti, Kalina迪拉德, Lilliana弗雷泽, 詹姆逊Hankins), 杰克逊Hunsicker, 玛丽拉·穆佐·卡斯特罗, 肯锡诺里斯, 佐伊·罗伯茨, Lillina Scaduto, 路加福音的沙, Elise Werking and Tyler Wingenter; from Cardinal Hickey Claudia Baddour, 贝利埃本, 科林Favret, 卢克·格罗弗, 米莉Jernigan, 杰克凯利, 乔Malenab, 莱拉Malenab, Natalie Malenab and Nathan Thompson; Thompson; from Boy Scout Troop 314 Sarah Hurley; and Maelyn Doster.

Students interested in learning more about the Rising Star Program can visit 网上买球软件基金会.org/Rising-Star-Program or call 410.414.4570.

基金会 Board Chair Denise Bowman and President and CEO Dean Teague presented the award to Robert Martin of Northern High 学校. Robert was recognized as the charter member of the North Star Society, which honors students who exhibit extraordinary philanthropy efforts.

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